Internet Problem Solving Contest

IPSC 2015 Announcements

2015-07-11 20:06:00 UTC
You can now try solving the problems from IPSC 2015 in the Training Area. Good luck!
2015-06-20 18:53:00 UTC
Correct outputs, checkers, and our programs have now been added to all the tasks from this year. Everything is now available on the main Archive page (click the contest name to open it).
2015-06-20 16:09:00 UTC
The booklet with all solutions has now been published. Correct outputs and our solutions will appear in the Archive soon.
2015-06-20 16:05:00 UTC
Problem E: Two teams managed to match our 12-move solution. The faster of those two teams and the amazing winner of the Cat Challenge is team Stjupit Dox! Congratulations!

The second place goes to NIN Team who also submitted a 12-move solution, approximately two and a half hours later than our winners.

Six other teams found a 14-move solution. The fastest of those was the team Open Ports.
2015-06-20 16:03:00 UTC
Congratulations to team R+T+J for winning IPSC 2015, with a three point lead to boot! Take a look at the Top 10 Teams as well. We hope you had fun. See you next year!
2015-06-20 14:35:00 UTC
Problem H: In the example annotation, we had a typo: "and their difference is 0" should obviously say "and their difference is 1". This is now fixed.
2015-06-20 13:20:00 UTC
Problem D: Graphs that contain negative cycles will be rejected by the grader. This is consistent with the Python version of the reference implementation.

(The C++ version of the reference implementation will actually terminate on such graphs because its long longs will eventually overflow. Please pretend that this does not happen. ;) Thanks to Mykhailo Granik for pointing this out.)
2015-06-20 11:50:00 UTC
Large input files: If (and, pretty please, only if) you are unable to generate the large input files for F, G, and I, you can download them here. All three files have Linux end-of-line characters.
2015-06-20 11:20:00 UTC
Problem E: By our oversight, the package is missing the cat.png image file that is needed by the Pygame visualizer. Sorry about that. The file is now available on the problem set page. Download it (here) and place it into the directory with the other files.
2015-06-20 09:45:00 UTC
You can now download encrypted archives for Windows and Linux. The password will be published when the contest starts.
2015-06-20 09:37:00 UTC
We also wanted to remind you that you should install the Pygame library if possible. A test program is also included in the package below.
2015-06-20 09:05:00 UTC
The practice session is now over. As usual, the practice problems were far from trivial. Congratulations to the 53 teams who managed to solve everything, and especially to the team "Semi-professional" who had the smallest time penalty.

The real contest will start in two hours. In the meantime, you can read the solutions for the practice session. Also, please make sure you have a working Python 2 installation. (See an older announcement for instructions.)
2015-06-19 11:30:00 UTC
Thank you for all the lovely postcards! All postcards we received have now been entered into the database, except for one team that didn't register yet.
2015-06-19 11:07:00 UTC
In problem U, the contestant does know the probability p. On the other hand, when she plays the game she doesn't know whether Monty is tired for that specific game.
2015-06-19 07:59:00 UTC
The practice session will start in an hour. Should you have any questions or clarification requests, e-mail them to ipscreg@ksp.sk. Alternately, you may use any instant messaging client that supports XMPP to talk to us at ipsc-org@swissjabber.org whenever the account is online – which will certainly be during the beginning of the practice session and also during the entire contest tomorrow.

The postcards we received will be entered into the database later today, during the practice session.
2015-06-19 00:13:00 UTC
During IPSC 2015 you will need a working installation of Python 2. Please download this package and follow the instructions in README.pdf to make sure everything works.