Internet Problem Solving Contest

IPSC Training Area

Welcome to the IPSC Training Area! This site allows you to practice solving problems from all past years of the Internet Problem Solving Contest.

Practice on individual problems

  1. Read the IPSC Rules to get to know the contest format.
  2. Pick a problem from the IPSC Archive and download its input files.
  3. Try to solve the problem and produce a correct output file.
  4. Upload your output file on the Training Area's Submit Solution page.
  5. Wait until the submission is judged "OK" or "Wrong answer".
  6. If you don't succeed, you can try again as many times as you want. (But please don't kill our servers.)

Compete in virtual contests

A virtual contest is a simulation of a past contest. It has the same duration as the original, and you can compete against the original participants.

  1. Pick a year you'd like to compete in.
  2. Download that year's input data package from the IPSC Archive.
  3. Start the contest you want on the Virtual Contests page.
  4. Begin reading the problem statements and solving the problems.
  5. Submit your output files. (Generally, you have 10 attempts per subproblem.)
  6. The virtual ranklist will be displayed as if everyone started at the same time as you.

The Training Area is just for practice and others won't see your results, so you are allowed to "cheat" by solving the problems in advance, reading the official solutions, talking about the problems with other people, and such. But we recommend trying to solve the problems properly first.


The Training Area is in beta. Stuff might break. Some problems might be buggy or even unsolvable. The judging system might get stuck. Or a Roomba could run over the server cord. So if (when) you encounter any issues, please e-mail us at ipscreg(at)ksp(dot)sk so we can fix it. Or, if the planets align and everything works splendidly, we'd like to hear that as well. :-)