Internet Problem Solving Contest

IPSC 2013 Announcements

2013-06-09 19:55:00 UTC
After a few more updates, the final version of the booklet is now available. Some additions: popular mistakes in P2, cool images of R2 solutions, surprising statistics for A2, pictures of cats in I, and an Easter egg in the C1 program. Enjoy reading it!
2013-06-09 16:47:00 UTC
The test data and our programs for most of the tasks have already been published, you can find them all in the Task archive.
2013-06-08 15:04:00 UTC
You can download a preliminary version of the solution booklet (update: link removed after the final version was published). Source code of our solutions, correct outputs and graders should be published within the next day or so.
2013-06-08 15:01:00 UTC
The contest is now over! We hope that you liked the problems and had lots of fun solving them. And of course, congratulations to the winners!
2013-06-08 11:51:00 UTC
We have fixed a bug in the L2 grader. The submissions (or rather, one submission) that we've received so far have been retested.
2013-06-08 09:43:00 UTC
Beat the rush: download early! Password-protected archives with all test data and a PDF version of problem statements are available already: linux, windows. Once the contest starts, the password will be available here: password.txt.
2013-06-08 09:06:00 UTC
The practice session has now ended. Congratulations to the 31 teams who have solved all problems! We'll see you in an hour.
2013-06-08 08:07:00 UTC
Our server has been dead approximately for the last 40 minutes :( Sorry about that. Now that we fixed it, we have extended the practice session for another hour: now it will end at 9:00:00 UTC. The real contest will start as scheduled, at 10:00:00 UTC.
2013-06-07 21:07:00 UTC
It is now night in Slovakia. The IM accounts will be down for the next few hours. Also, for the next few hours do not expect e-mail responses from us.
2013-06-07 14:07:00 UTC
Talking to us at ipsc2013@jabber.org might not work if you try to do that from those awful new Hangouts. If you don't like that, ask Google to stop making evil business decisions and to continue supporting open standards. Also, we have set up an alternate account: ipscteam2013@gmail.com. Try it if you are unable to connect to the primary one.
2013-06-07 09:12:00 UTC
Clarification requests during the contest: You can reach us via XMPP/gtalk at ipsc2013@jabber.org. You can also send e-mail to ipscreg at ksp.sk (but expect a slower reply).
2013-06-07 09:12:00 UTC
Did you try to register a team but never received an e-mail from us? Try checking your spam folder. It is also possible that your mail provider deleted it as spam, or maybe you just made a typo when entering your e-mail address. Either way, contact us via XMPP/gtalk at ipsc2013@jabber.org and we will fix your account manually.
2013-06-07 08:47:00 UTC
The practice session is underway. Please pardon a few hiccups on our side, we are doing some last-minute adjustments to the grader. Everything should be fixed within the next 15 minutes.