Internet Problem Solving Contest

IPSC 2004

Problem A – Andrew's revenge

Regular IPSC contestants will surely remember Andrew, an irresponsible professor responsible for preparing admission exams at the Department of Informatics Education. For three years (2000-2002) he managed to disappear just a few days before the exams, leaving behind exam questions, but no model solutions. Last year his colleagues chained him to his desk and forced him to write the model solutions. Sadly, as a result there was no "Andrew's Exams" problem in IPSC 2003.

This year Andrew's colleagues wanted to repeat their cruel trick. As we were short on ideas for IPSC questions, we secretely helped him to escape from his office. Unfortunately, we were late. In his desperation, Andrew had already written all model solutions. So to take revenge on his colleagues, he destroyed all copies of the problem statements and disappeared.

Andrew's escape was soon discovered, but upon finding the envelope with the model solutions everyone remained calm. Only a few hours before the exams someone noticed that the problem statements are missing. Andrew's colleagues are at loss - please help them.

You are given two data sets. Each of them consists of a program (written both in C and in Pascal) and an output. Your task is to produce any input that will cause the given program to produce the given output.