Internet Problem Solving Contest

IPSC 2007

Problem E – Enhancing IPSC Rules

We would like to change the scoring rules for IPSC in the future. The goal is that no two teams would end on the same position. To achieve this we would like the tied teams to play a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors to decide their relative position. We would like the teams to submit their choice as a simple picture, but we don't have the means to check who has won.

Problem Specification

You are given several images. Each image shows a single game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, which consists of several rounds. Your task is to determine the result of each game.

Input Specification

The input file is an archive containing several images named e1_XX.png for the easy input and e2_XX.png for the hard input. Each image contains a single game, and the XX in its filename is the number of this game. The games are numbered from zero.

Output Specification

Process the games ordered by their number. For each game output a line containing the word LEFT if the left-hand player has won, RIGHT if the right-hand player has won, or DRAW in case of a draw.



In the first game the left player won 1:0, in the second game the final score was 1:1.

Problemsetter(s): YoYo
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