Internet Problem Solving Contest

IPSC 2008

Problem Q – Quiz

In ancient Rome people used to say: “Historia magistra vitae.” (History is the teacher of lives.) Knowing the history helps us to correctly decide in present, to avoid dangerous paths and sometimes it can even give us advantage against our opponents.

By taking part in this practice session, you’ll gain such an advantage against teams that skip it – by getting to know the history of IPSC. Towards this end we prepared a small quiz for you.

Input specification

In the input file, each paragraph represents one quiz question. The paragraphs are separated by blank lines

Output specification

For each question, output a single line with the correct answer.

There are two types of answers:

You have to answer all questions correctly in order to solve the given input. Note that exact spelling matters. Read carefully, good luck, and have fun while learning about the famous history of IPSC!


How many letters does "IPSC" have?

The first letter in Greek alphabet?