Internet Problem Solving Contest

IPSC 2008

Problem F – Find the Meaning

Do you remember the very-late-postcard delivery story from February this year? A Yellowstone postcard sent in 1929 was finally delivered this year, 79 years in transit. However, this postcard was not the only case; Mr. Invi Invisible has received two letters dated 1929 this February as well. The fact that this didn’t get into the news was that journalists couldn’t find Mr. Invisible for an interview.

Each of the letters started with two handwritten sentences: “Analyze this message to get the codeword. The codeword is a single word.” In each case, utter gibberish followed.

Problem specification

For each input file, you have to analyze it and find the codeword. The codeword is a single English word. (Did you expect anything else? ;-) )

Output specification

For each test case, the output shall contain one line containing the codeword in ALL UPPERCASE. If you submit the correct output but not in ALL UPPERCASE, it will be considered incorrect.

Helpful advice

For the easy input, once you get past the first step, remember to look for the ANSWER.

For the hard input, the input file contains two copies of the same message, and the final answer is the name of an institution.


The answer for this example is
Oscilloscope. Yes, it is really
that simple.