Internet Problem Solving Contest

IPSC 2012

Problem I – Invert the you-know-what

Good news everyone! We just “recovered” a password file from the webserver of our arch-enemies!

Input specification

The same input file is used for both data sets. The strings on the left seem to be usernames. The ones on the right… we have no idea. Do you?

Output specification

For each data set you have to submit a file with the following content: a username, a newline, the password for that username, and another newline. (To accommodate multiple operating systems, newlines can be either LF, or CR+LF.)

We will try logging in to the arch-enemies’ webserver using that username and password. If the login process succeeds, we will accept your submission.

For the easy data set you may use any valid username. For the hard data set you must use the username robot7.