Internet Problem Solving Contest

IPSC 2013

Problem H – Histiaeus

Sometimes, you need to send someone a message without anyone knowing about the message's existence. This is the general principle of steganography. One of the early users of steganography was an Ancient Greek ruler named Histiaeus.

Histiaeus needed to send a secret message to Aristagoras, but worried that the slave carrying the message would be intercepted. So the slave was given some innocent letters to fool the enemy spies, but also carried another message, hidden in a clever manner devised by Histiaeus. The enemy didn't notice the secret message was there, but Aristagoras knew how to find it.

Inspired by Histiaeus, we decided to send you a secret message, hiding it the same way he did. We will play the role of Histiaeus, you'll be Aristagoras, and this problem statement is the slave we sent to you, carrying the secret message.

Problem specification

Do what Aristagoras did, and find the secret message.

Input specification

There is no input.

Output specification

For both subproblems, the correct output is a single English word written in UPPERCASE. The secret message will tell you which word it is.