Internet Problem Solving Contest

IPSC 2015

Problem J – Juicy Dot Coms

As you shall soon discover, the dot coms from the title of this task have nothing to do with the dot com boom. These are some dot coms from the previous generation.

You are given the files j1.com and j2.com. They know the passwords. The easy one might just tell you the password, but it may take some convincing. The hard one will be, of course, harder. It seems… who knows, broken? Some repairs may be in order.

Oh, and there’s an obvious trap in the easy one. Don’t fall into the trap. You’ll know the right password once you get it.

Problem specification

The password is a sequence of upper- and lowercase English letters. Recover the password.

Input specification

The input is the corresponding dot com file.

Output specification

For each test case, your output should contain a single line with the password.