Internet Problem Solving Contest

IPSC 2015

Problem K – Klingelt das Glockenspiel

You have just bought an amazing new Carillon: a musical instrument that consists of bells of various sizes. You arranged all the bells into an interesting pattern and you mounted them onto your living room wall. While doing so, you followed two simple rules. First, the bells could only be mounted at regularly spaced grid points. Second, the smaller the bell, the higher you mounted it. For example, it could have looked like this:

You then sat into your armchair facing the wall with all the bells. You relaxed, closed your eyes, and enjoyed the music.

Problem specification

In each subproblem, you are given a different scenario that is consistent with the above description. You are given a recording of the bells. Listen to the performance and identify a short English word you should submit as your answer.

In the easy subproblem you will quickly discover that the music follows a nice regular pattern. The hard subproblem, on the other hand, is just pure chaos.

Input specification

The input file is a stereo MP3 file of the recording.

Output specification

Output a single line with the English word determined by the recording. The word should be written in UPPERCASE.