Internet Problem Solving Contest

IPSC 2016

Problem D – Dumb clicking

The Interactive Playable Shovelware Company is about to release a new videogame! You have been chosen to be the tester. Okay, so maybe the developers have just copied the same levels over and over, and maybe the graphics department still hasn’t added any images, but so what? Surely the buyers won’t mind! It will definitely be a big hit!

In this problem, you are given an in-development prototype of a simple clicking game. The game consists of several levels. As you go through the levels, the game will produce a log of your actions. Finish the game and submit the log as your proof.

Since the game is a prototype, it may lack some features here and there… For example, it won’t actually tell you if you do something wrong, so be careful.

JavaScript application

The game is a browser-based JavaScript application. You can either open it from the online problem statement, or open the file d/easy.html or d/hard.html from the downloadable archive. You’ll need a reasonably modern browser to play. Old versions of Internet Explorer probably won’t work.

Input specification

There is no input.

Output specification

Submit a text file containing the action log of your game. An action log is complete if the last line contains the word “done”.