Internet Problem Solving Contest

IPSC 2016

Problem I – Intelligence report


Secret assignment number 32250:


we have obtained several files from a computer of the person of interest. We believe they may contain stolen passwords for our military control systems. Find out what these files are and recover the passwords from them, so that we may verify whether our passwords were stolen.


Problem specification

You are given a file. Find out what this file is and recover passwords from it.

It might be easier to solve this problem using Linux. If you don’t have Linux installed, you might want to download and run an arbitrary live distribution. Or you may choose to do something completely different. Your choice of tools is completely up to you. Whatever works.

Output specification

The file for the easy subproblem I1 contains 10 passwords for test cases numbered from 0 to 9, each one is a 32-character string containing only alphanumeric characters. Submit one file with one password per line. Passwords should be in the correct order.

The file for the hard subproblem I2 contains a single password. The password consists of 38 alphanumeric characters. Please make sure that your submission contains a single 38-character string, without any whitespace between the characters of the string.